[b-hebrew] song 1:7

Nir cohen - Prof. Mat. nir at ccet.ufrn.br
Sat Dec 15 10:17:26 EST 2012

> >>> Do you have other examples of where the plural of a feminine noun ending> in a -H has the plural form 
ending in -NYWT? Where are they found in Tanakh?

> it is the normal way for a feminine noun ending in a -YH to become -YWT. and
> if the last letter in N, so -NYH becomes -NYWT 
> That was not my question. Are there other examples where a N was not the final letter before the H, but inserted to make a -NYWT ending?

but then no BH word follows the pattern you are looking for, 
not even BYRNYT --> BYRNYWT where the N is already in the singular.
as opposed to BYRH --> BYRWT.

nir cohen
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