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Thanks for the quick response.

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> It is not a noun, Karl. It is a Qal Participle, singular feminine of (+H.

That’s what the dictionaries say. But I’ve noticed that the majority of the
time what is called a “participle” is actually a noun “the person or object
that is doing such and such an action”.

> It is not from (Y+. Remark that in Song 1:7 the yod comes after the teth
> and not before it.

I noticed that, but I also noticed that the two times the verb listed in
the dictionary as (Y+ is used, it lacks the yod.

>  It is a variant —rarely appearing in the Tanakh—  of the much more usual
> form without the yod:

But the -YH ending is found on several nouns, including: )LYH tail of
sheep, )NYH ship, BYRNYH fortified place, BNYH building, BRYH food to feed
someone, GDYH bank (of river), GWYH body, DWMYH stillness as in rest, HWMYH
commotion, etc. So the form is consistent with a noun. Further, its use
within the verse is consistent with a noun, not a verb. Therefore, is this
another example where tradition is wrong?

> Look at Dt 20:20; Jd 20:31 and Is 49:21 for some instances of this much
> common form (lacking yod) of the Qal Participle, singular feminine, of
> verbs lamed"heh (or lamed"yod).

The lack of the yod calls into question the validity of these examples in
this question.

> Now, what refers to the meaning...  I'm not sure which is here the real
> meaning of this word. The NAS has "who veils herself"

(+H is used with M(YL “poncho” ?? so it’s more than just a veil. Does the
subject of this verse refer to herself as having become a metaphorical
“covering” for the herds of her beloved’s friends?

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> Pere Porta
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> Karl W. Randolph.
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