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Isaac Fried if at math.bu.edu
Wed Dec 12 01:06:00 EST 2012

1. Hebrew etymology is a delicate and uncertain undertaking.

2. TuRaQ certainly deserves more than just "some discussion". Every  
word of the Hebrew bible deserves scrutiny.

3. As for understanding the text, I would read it: By your good  
smelling oils your name (reputation?) is mollified as by oil.

4. I agree with you that RK is 'soft' and that RQ is 'thin' (whatever  
is soft may be spread out), both related to MRX, 'smear' (see Is.  
38:21), MRQ, 'pulverize', and MRG, 'grate, shred' (see Is. 41:15).

5. ROQ (actually ROK, 'tenderness') is indeed 'spit, phlegm, mucus,  

6. YARAQ appears to me to be a variant of ZARAQ, 'toss' (also ZARAX,  
'shine, emit light'), referring specifically to the ejection of  
spittle. Also to grass sooting forth its green blades. Related to  
them is $ARAQ, 'whistle, ejecting through the lips of a thin column  
of air in order to produce a shrill sound'. Also to the SARIYG,  
'branch', of Gen. 40:10.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

On Dec 11, 2012, at 7:27 PM, David Kolinsky wrote:

> Isaac,
> Thank you for the post.
> First, let me say that I think that my point that TuRaQ is hoophal  
> meaning "poured out," is worth at least some discussion - the form  
> is in the grammar books.
> With regard to your point, I would put my entire etymology here but  
> even to me, although I believe it to be correct, it appears like a  
> stretch.  Besides, for the most part, I believe that my etymologies  
> at best fall on deaf ears and at worst are annoyances.  Anyway:
>  RK (fragile, delicate, tender) > RQ (thin, lean, meager) > RWQ  
> (spit) > RQQ = YRQ (to spit) > hiphil HaRaeYQ (to draw out, pour  
> out, empty out).
> OOPS I guess I gave you the whole thing, Sorry!
> Hanukah S'maekhah,
> David Kolinsky
> Monterey, CA
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> 1. I agree with you that TURAQ is an act of the root RQ.
> 2. It appears to me that the root RQQ is a variant of the roots
> רכך, רחק, רקח, רקק
> all meaning 'soft, pliable, melleable, spreadable, supple'. Compare
> Is. 1:6 "neither mollified with ointment"
> Indeed, we have from this root also the רקיק RAQIYQ of Ex. 29:23,
> 'wafer', which I don't think is hollowed out.
> In the Mishnah we find דגי רקק DGEI RKAK, 'mud or swamp  
> creatures'.
> So TURAQ, methinks, is not 'pouring out', but rather 'softening'.
> Isaac Fried, Boston University
> On Dec 10, 2012, at 5:27 PM, David Kolinsky wrote:
>> I believe it to be huphal from רקק meaning 'fully poured out."
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