[b-hebrew] Niphal?

Pere Porta pporta7 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 23:47:54 EST 2012

Dear list members and specially Karl W. Randolph.
Yesterday I posted a replay to our friend Karl's question on word "TWRQ"
that appears in Song 1:3.
And I wrote that this word can be from verbs peh"yod: Gn 15:15; Am 7:10; Ps
Karl's replay said that, beside the hophal form, this can also be a Niphal
form of verbs peh"yod.
Remark, Karl, that this is not as you say.
The parallel niphal form of verbs peh"yod appears (as refers to the
consonants) the same as TWRQ, yes; but it is pointed quite differently:

Look at the last word in Ps 130:4; last word in Is 44:28; and in Dt 7:25
The pointing is "i - a - e" and not "w - a".
Would you not reconsider, Karl, your undervaluing of the masoretic


Pere Porta
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