[b-hebrew] The "Missing Link": Cuneiform Writing of Early Hebrew Words

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Fri Dec 7 16:29:37 EST 2012

Prior to the Iron Age, the amount of alphabetical  pre-Hebrew writing is 
tiny.  Yes, it  existed, but it was rare and in a rudimentary developmental 
stage.  There’s no way that the glorious,  lengthy, detailed, truly ancient 
Patriarchal narratives could have been recorded  by a contemporary of the 
events using alphabetical pre-Hebrew writing in the  Bronze Age.  Not. 
I have provided the “missing link” to get us from the  7th century BCE 
classic Hebrew alphabetical narrative prose of the  received text way back to 
the Bronze Age, via a writing by a contemporary [that  is, a written account 
commissioned by one of the tent-dwelling first  Hebrews].  That “missing link
” is  using cuneiform, à la the Amarna Letters, to write west Semitic words 
in the  Late Bronze Age Patriarchal Age. 
Jim Stinehart 
Evanston,  Illinois
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