[b-hebrew] 9 "hurrian" words?

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Nir Cohen:

1.  You  wrote:  “in fact, i suspect the name  you quote is abdi-heba, not 
ir-heba. this is
significant: while "heba" is  (perhaps!) related to a hurrian goddess, but
maybe not, "abdi" is (quite  certainly!) semitic.” 
The name “IR-Heba” appears in the Amarna Letters 17  times.  The made-up 
name “Abdi-Heba”  never appears a single time in the Amarna Letters.  IR-Heba
’s Amarna Letters contain Hurrian  common words and the quintessential 
Hurrian number 318.  IR-Heba associates mostly with Hurrian  princelings:  
$uwardata, Endaruta  and Surata (per Amarna Letter EA 366).  IR-Heba’s Amarna 
Letters contain logograms.  There is an attested Hurrian name that,  like the 
name “IR-Heba”, starts with the logogram IR, so we know that the use of  the 
logogram IR does not mandate that IR-Heba is a Canaanite, rather than being 
 a Hurrian princeling.  A majority of  the princelings in Canaan in Years 
12-14 were  Hurrian, not Canaanite.  At p. 176  of “Amarna Personal Names” 
(1993), Richard S. Hess, the leading scholar of  Amarna names, expressly 
states that “IR-Heba” is a Hurrian name.  Why on earth would a Canaanite have a 
 name that honors the Hurrians’ chief goddess? 
But on this thread, I want to talk about early  H-e-b-r-e-w  words, not 
about the  Hurrians. 
2.  You  wrote:  “anyway, since i suspect you  are referring to the amarna 
letters, please 
check if they were written in  hurrian. to the best of my knowledge, they 
were mostly written in a unique  mixture of akkadian and NW semitic 
[see many papers by moran and  others]….” 
Why are you and Prof. Yigal Levin talking about the  thousands of 
substandard Akkadian words that IR-Heba’s scribe wrote?  Who cares about that?  This 
thread is focusing, rather, on the  only 9 west Semitic words that IR-Heba’s 
scribe ever wrote.  I’m asking if those 9 west Semitic words  are indeed “
On this thread, I am talking about early  H-e-b-r-e-w  words. 
Jim Stinehart 
Evanston,  Illinois
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