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The modern calendars of Israel are what you described. The “secular”
calendar with its names were borrowed from Aramaic. However, there is no
evidence that prior to the Babylonian captivity that the Aramaic calendar
was followed. The Bible recorded four of the month names prior to the
Babylonian captivity and all the evidence that I have learned of so far
indicates that the other month names have been lost.

This is just one piece of evidence that Jews became native Aramaic speakers
during the Babylonian captivity and Hebrew from then on was a second

Karl W. Randolph.

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 4:13 PM, Bryant J. Williams III <bjwvmw at com-pair.net
> wrote:

> Dear Jim,
> First, I sent the article on so that the list could read what Dr.
> Mariottini has written.
> Second, when I read an article I am not going to agree with everything
> said.
> Third, I truly believe in intellectual honesty.
> Fourth, the calendars of Israel were of two types: sacred and secular.
> There is a six month difference between them since Passover, followed by
> Feast of Unleavened Bread, begins the sacred calendar in March-April; while
> the secular calendar begins with Hashanah, followed by the Feast of
> Tabernacles (Booth), in September-October. Your calendrical half-years is
> speculative.
> Rev. Bryant J. Williams III

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