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>From the Wikipedia > Tefillin (emphasis mine)
"The arm-tefillin is laid on the inner side of the bare left arm, two 
finger breadths above the elbow, so that when the arm is bent the 
tefillin faces towards the heart.[2] If one is left-handed, it is placed on the right arm in the same place.[2] "

This is referenced to the Jewish Encyclopedia which references both Oraḥ Ḥayyim, 27b and Talmud - Men. 37a => 
"Our Rabbis taught: "A left-handed man puts his tefillin on his right hand for that is his left."  

which is "?aT^aR MaNiyaH TaPhyLyN BiYMiyNo SheHu? S'Ma?Lo"

literally : "One who is restricted (referring to his arm / hand) lays Tefillin on his right (right side), in that it is his left (meaning non-dominant)."

>From the perspective of my etymology:
MHL : to dilute, attenuate (Is1:22),  (fray, make threadbare) circumcise 
((related to MLL : to hem, edge, fray, wither ))
MHL becomes M?L because the H >> ?, or MLL becomes M?L, 
then add the prefixed Sin
S'M?L : left (meaning attenuated, weak, non dominant) 

YMyN (right side, dominant) comes from ?MN where the ? becomes a Yod
?MN literally meaning "reliable, (sure), consistently (Is25:1)
consider also : 
?WMNH pillar (KgII18:16)
?MNH trully, indeed (Gn20:12); standing agreement, security, covenant (Nh10:1)   

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David Kolinsky wrote:

"As far as I understand, at least from a Jewish religious perspective, YMiN did not mean "right" but rather "dominant."  In other words,  the YMiN of a left dominant individual would be his left hand."

David, what's your evidence for this? I'm intrigued by the suggestion, but my initial reaction is 'no'. I'd need some specific evidence for this take. Can you cite anything for this, then?

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