[b-hebrew] Names of Rachel's Second-Born Son

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Dear George,

There may something to what David is saying. The tribe of Benjamin had quite a
few warriors who were left-handed; see Judges 3:12; 20:16. In fact, both
passages have the phrase, "itter yad yamin" which has the idea of "bound of the
right hand" = left-handed.

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> David Kolinsky wrote:
> "As far as I understand, at least from a Jewish religious perspective, YMiN
did not mean "right" but rather "dominant."  In other words,  the YMiN of a left
dominant individual would be his left hand."
> David, what's your evidence for this? I'm intrigued by the suggestion, but my
initial reaction is 'no'. I'd need some specific evidence for this take. Can you
cite anything for this, then?
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