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Yes Ishinan, but in Hebrew Ben like B(L also means "of the character / nature of a thing.(also: one deserving of)"

So BinYamin means "of a reliable / ever-present nature"

A good name.

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It occurred to me that when you have a name like Benjamin, usually what it means is "son of" Yamiyn.  So, technically, that is not his proper name.  Yamiyn would be the name of his father, or the name of the tribe.  His mother, or anyone, would preface his "given name" with the word "Bin + and the name of his father or tribe.  So, Benjamin actually must have another name, his own name given by his parents.  

Another example of naming patterns, is Williamson, which originally meant William's son.  Or Robertson, meaning Robert's son.  So Bin Yamiyn means Yamiyn's son, or the Son of Yamiyn.

Ishinan Ishibashi
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