[b-hebrew] 2 Samuel 22:3

K Randolph kwrandolph at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 19:55:14 EDT 2011

Dear B-Hebrew haburim:

This section is a variation of Psalm 18, however the section that is the
subject of this message is not in Psalm 18.

אלהי צורי אחסה־בו מגני וקרן ישׁעי משׂגבי ומנוסי משׁעי מחמס תשׁעני

The last section משׁעי מחמס תשׁעני is usually translated as “my savior, you
save me from injustice”.


משׁעי since when does “savior” lack the waw after the mem, as in Jeremiah
46:27 and Obediah 21? However, משׁעי is also found in Ezekiel 16:4 where it
has a completely different meaning.

תשׁעני The same question with this, where is the waw as in Job 40:14 or
Isaiah 63:5?

Are we dealing with different roots here? Copyist errors (DSS ?)?

Karl W. Randolph.

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