[b-hebrew] 2 Samuel 12:31 MLKN or MLBN?

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Karl, Petrie was a great Egyptologist in his day, but that was a century ago. I'd read some more updated works on Egyptian architecture before using that data.




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3. You seem to assume that "only one pharaoh used fired bricks before the Greek era, and that was Raamesis II". This is the first time I've ever heard this claim. Could you point me to a reference? Not that it would convince me that Ramses II was the same as Necho, but interesting notwithstanding.


This is from Petrie, `Nebesheh and Defenneh', p. 18, 19, as quoted in http://www.specialtyinterests.net/ramses2.html#crtd . This is a site that I have previously said has some strange conclusions, but unless they are lying, a pretty strong set of archaeological evidence. 

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