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I may suggest another Arabic root:"Qein, Lam, be"(G, the name in "fael bab"
the equivalent of poel "Qaleb"'(غالب) would mean:"the winner". Usually qein
is replaced in middle Hebrew by "Ain" as in Gomorha but it maybe replaced by
qof and kaf.

2011/9/14 Uri Hurwitz <uhurwitz at yahoo.com>

>    The form Kalev most proabaly preserves the original pronounciation of
> the name.  The Segholites prounounciation in the MT follows the dialectic
> changes in the original nouns.
>     This is clearly evident in the declensions of the Segholites, in our
> case: "Kalbi" "kalbekha" etc, and in the pulural "Klavim" which preserves
> the ancient plural *KLAB plus the regular Hebrew ms. plural ending - ym.
>    This is found in Arabic to this day: e.g. "kalb" in singular.
>    Therefore the biblical personal name Kalev is very close to the original
> pronounciation, except that the original short vowel 'a ' lengthened in the
> MT.
>    Uri Hurwitz                          Wilmington, VT
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