[b-hebrew] 2 Samuel 12:31 MLKN or MLBN?

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Thu Sep 15 20:38:03 EDT 2011


On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 1:26 PM, Yigal Levin <Yigal.Levin at biu.ac.il> wrote:

> Karl,
> 1. I don't have the Hebrew text of 4QSama, but Abegg, Flint and Ulrich's
> translation has "put them to work making bricks".

That’s what the LXX has.

> 2. When I read this verse, it seems to me as if David is torturing the
> Ammonites, using various instruments, including something that has to do
> with bricks. But I don’t pretend to understand the details, not to mention
> the "ethical" side of it. The same is true for his treatment of the Moabites
> in 8:2.

The first three are recognizable steps in the production of iron (steel)
using the bloomery process of smelting. That required a lot of labor, and a
lot of wood to use as fuel.

> 3. You seem to assume that "only one pharaoh used fired bricks before the
> Greek era, and that was Raamesis II". This is the first time I've ever heard
> this claim. Could you point me to a reference? Not that it would convince me
> that Ramses II was the same as Necho, but interesting notwithstanding.

This is from Petrie, `Nebesheh and Defenneh', p. 18, 19, as quoted in
http://www.specialtyinterests.net/ramses2.html#crtd . This is a site that I
have previously said has some strange conclusions, but unless they are
lying, a pretty strong set of archaeological evidence.

> Yigal Levin
> Karl W. Randolph.

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