[b-hebrew] 2 Samuel 8:18 ³khmym²

George Athas George.Athas at moore.edu.au
Thu Sep 15 18:57:59 EDT 2011

It would seem odd to say that David's sons became palace officials. They were that anyway, by virtue of being David's sons. The text says they became priests, so that's what it means. Remember, David himself is seen wearing an ephod before the Ark as he brings it to Jerusalem. And he offers sacrifices along the way. So, it's not unprecedented to have a king or non Aaronide functioning in a priestly way. Of course this raises the issue of Uzziah/Azariah, but the point is still made: there were non-Aaronide priests. The text doesn't make any positive or negative comments on it. It just states it matter of factly.

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