[b-hebrew] Caleb

George Athas George.Athas at moore.edu.au
Thu Sep 15 18:51:28 EDT 2011

So we've gone from a name that means something in Northwest Semitic to a Hurrian name because the West Semitic name is unusual? And therefore, it must be a Hurrian name? That really is circular reasoning. By that reasoning, half the names of people on the planet are Hurrian.

Not only have you failed to demonstrate that the names cannot be Northwest Semitic (even though they make perfect sense), you have failed to demonstrate the necessity of looking beyond the confines of Semitic languages in general, let alone going to Hurrian. And as far as I can tell the only support you've received for this thesis is that some people have agreed that the name Caleb is an unusual name. There's a big jump from that to proposing that there is some kind of consensus to a series of Hurrian names in the Bible. Get with reality, please, Jim.

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