[b-hebrew] 2 Samuel 12:31 MLKN or MLBN?

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Thu Sep 15 16:22:01 EDT 2011

I can only answer one of these questions.

On 15 Sep 2011 at 12:34, K Randolph wrote:

> B-Hebrew haburim:
> In 2 Samuel 12:31 I find the word  used only here with no
> clue as to
> its meaning.
> However, here there is a ketib/qere pair, with the qere being
>  meaning
> "brick kiln" with a prefixed . The LXX seems to agree, using
> the word
> .
> Two questions:
> Is there any evidence from the DSS that could clarify this?

Best I can see from my book and my research, this passage isn't preserved in the DSS, 
either directly or in paraphrase.

Hopefully somebody else can answer the other question.

Dave Washburn


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