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Wed Sep 14 22:16:03 EDT 2011

Dear all,
I wish I had more time to make my case, but I am very rushed.

Kalebh does mean dog.  But the KLB root is an expansion from KL(H) which means "to contain."  Therefore: 

KLY = container > tool, instrument
KLH = to complete, finish, cease, consume, destroy etc.
KLYH = kidney (container)
KL? = to be encircled, barred in, blocked, bounded, clogged, confining, cramped, fettered, restrained  
KwL = all (contained)
?KL = (contain) eat, consume, destroy 
YKL = (contain, embrace, encompass) to be able to do s.th, capable 

KLB also means contain as in:
 cage (Jr5:27)  and (closed ??) basket (Am8:1,2) 
With regard to KLB = dog it means "one who contains = holds on (and does not let go),

a trait very characteristic of dogs

In Arabic: be seized by fear of water, be mad / crazy, covet greedily, rouse, rave / rage, rush in pounce upon; rabid, hook, cramp-tongs, greedy  

His father's name Y'PhunaH means "who shall be turned around and around"
as in when a dog grabs onto a person who his turning around and around struggling to get away from the bite that wont let go.

In this case I agree somewhat with Jim, Kaleb ben Y'Phunah, one of two of all the Israelites to enter the promised land, should have a name more worthy than "dog"

And in fact he does:  He is the one who grabs on to G-d and the experiences that G-d brings forth ( no matter how difficult) and is turned around and around by them and yet he does not let go.

Qenaz by the way also means "to remain rigidly fixed"  similar to the Qan nest from which it derives.

Chulad = rat derives from LWD = to squeeze through (Hos9:11) 
and is related to YeLeD = child, who squeezes through in being born

It is similar in meaning to (KBR = mouse which is derived from KBR to squeeze through (a sieve)

It would not be an insult if one said of you, "You are resilient, like a mouse and a rat, you successfully squeeze through life experiences, coming out the other end whole and alive, no worse for the experience."

david kolinsky
Monterey CA

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