[b-hebrew] Kalev and Kelev

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 14 12:43:58 EDT 2011

   The form Kalev most proabaly preserves the original pronounciation of the name.  The Segholites prounounciation in the MT follows the dialectic changes in the original nouns.

    This is clearly evident in the declensions of the Segholites, in our case: "Kalbi" "kalbekha" etc, and in the pulural "Klavim" which preserves the ancient plural *KLAB plus the regular Hebrew ms. plural ending - ym.

   This is found in Arabic to this day: e.g. "kalb" in singular.

   Therefore the biblical personal name Kalev is very close to the original pronounciation, except that the original short vowel 'a ' lengthened in the MT.

   Uri Hurwitz                          Wilmington, VT 

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