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Thank you, Petr.
And now, please, three questions:

1. Do you know of some other similar cases within the Hebrew bible?
2. Which then should the right meaning/translation be:
a) We will not die
b) You, who never die or You, who are eternal...

3. And also, please, what does this text at the bottom of your mail mean?:

EA 355:001  DU DU DU DU
EA 355:002  TU TU TU TU
EA 355:003  NU NU NU NU NU NU NU
EA 355:004  NA NA NA NA NA


Pere Porta
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2011/9/8 Petr Tomasek <tomasek at etf.cuni.cz>

> >
> > Can someone on this list cast some light on why such a translation has
> been
> > possible?
> > Maybe NFMWT has been mistaken for a Nif'al Participle in the line of
> > (male) who is judged (2Sa 19:10) or NFKWN, (male) who is decided (Gn
> 41:32)
> > or NFBWN, (male) who discerns (Gn 41:33)?
> >
> > Pere Porta
> There is rabbinic tradition of so-called "tiqunei sopherim" (תיקוני
> סופרים),
> (also mentioned in the "apparatus criticus" of BHS) which says that
> originally
> it should have read "לא תמות", but the scribes changed this into "לא נמות"
> -
> as an euphemism, to avoid an idea that the God could die.
> This place is from the Qumral biblical fragment, so that we have no
> evidence
> for what had been in the text originally.
> I personally consider the "tiqunei sopherim" as a rather _haggadic_
> tradition
> and whether there really was such a change should be proved for every such
> a place.
> On the other hand, I think that euphemisms and euphemistic changes to the
> Biblical text makes much sense if we consider that the text was read to
> public
> and there was an effort to avoid meanings which could be understood by
> the public in a wrong way, or may sound offending
> (see also qerē/ketīḇ places, such as עפלים/תחורים and so on).
> P.T.
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> EA 355:001  DU DU DU DU
> EA 355:002  TU TU TU TU
> EA 355:003  NU NU NU NU NU NU NU
> EA 355:004  NA NA NA NA NA
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Pere Porta

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