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Randall Buth randallbuth at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 13:42:58 EST 2011

> Randall:
> Before we go further, you need to define which books you count as preexilic,
> and those you count as postexilic, and why?
> Karl W. Randolph.

Go right ahead and make your own list. There will be a few disagreements,
e.g. you think that the Bible demands that Qohelet is FirstTemple, I don't and
I don't date it FirstTemple. But there are plenty of agreed SecondTemple
books like Zexarya, Mlaxi, Haggai, NeHemya, `ezra, Divre-ha-yamim,
DSS, BenSira.

PS for David Steinberg
I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read through Bendavid's
Lehon Miqra ulshon Haxamim volumes. they sit on my selves with not a
few notes and side(under)lining.
When talking about a high register Hebrew
(exemplified in LateBH and most DSS) and a
low register Hebrew (exemplified in lapses within the high register and
a few pre-mishnaic docs plus quotes of the zugot and tannaim) there is
plenty of room for dialectical and idiosyncratic diversity.

Randall Buth
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