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   You wrote:. "If we don?t> t realize how thoroughly Canaan was dominated by Hurrian princelings in the  mid-14th century BCE [per the Amarna Letters], we will not appreciate the  enormity of the Hebrews managing to accomplish precisely what Genesis 15:  18-21 says"
   I see you continue to purport a completely false view of the chronology of the Amarna letters for the sole purpose if supporting your theories.  You should be honest with the readers and acknowledge upfront your views are your invention based on your own studies and that you ignored  the works of experts on the Amarna Letters such as EF Campbell , William Moran, and Donald Redford.   In all cases the chronologies put forth by these scholars and others  disagree with yours.   The readers should be made aware that in past correspondence you openly denigrated and ridiculed these individuals and dismissedtheir conclusions, stating in one instance that people should'nt read "old books" by Campbell, etc but should believe you because your views"made more sense". I  write this because l believe the scholar's view of the chronology of the Amarna Age  deserve equal time with your claims.* Example: No scholar on the face of the planet places Labayu as late as Year 12 of Akhenaten. That is a simple fact. All scholars consider the Labayu incidents are the earliest events in the Amarna letters believed to span about 30 years and his death is universally used as the chief chronological marker between Amenophis lll and Akhenaten (William Moran: The Amarna Letters)
 Experts agree that Labayu was most likely Killed by Year 36 of Amenophis lll. It was the fall out from his death that precipitated the turmoilof the Habiru in the high country forcing the Egyptians to send garrisons to Jerusalem and elsewhere as protection.
   Labayu was dead by the time of Abdi Heba's first letters according to the man you openly ridiculed, E.F. Campbell.Mr Campbell logically points out Abdi Heba only refers to Labayu in the past tense, not as a contemporary,
   You have often repeated your claim these two rulers control of the high country was the reason Abraham supposedly went west...To put it simply: Not possible. Not to anyone who values true research and an adherence to facts.   You have also been disdainful of Nadav Na'aman and his claims that another vital figure in your theory, Milkilu of the Aijalon Valley, did not survive for more than a few months beyond the death of Amenophis lll ("Canaan in the 2nd Millenium") and was certainly dead by Year 12 of Akhenaten. In short, you have at the center of your theory men whom scholars universally agree were dead by Year 12-14 of Akhenaten andwho state the turmoil in the high country occurred during the reign of Amenophis lll.   I can anticipate your response...you will write  a miles long letter using the phrase" doesn't make sense"  and "p-i-n-p-o-i-n-t accuracy" and "university scholars" but you won't refer to a single recognized authority to support your views because non exists.   Your views requires not only your personal rewrite of Genesis, but also for people to accept without question your personal reconstruction of the Amarna Age and the Great Syrian War, as well as your claims there is no water in Hebron and trees cannot grow thereand on and on, your errors of fact are astoundingly numerous....   Over the months you have ridiculed and denigrated every authoritative source that contradicts your view. From the Hittite king's ownrecord of his conquests during the Amarna Age,... which doesn't agree with your theory...to Ef Campbell and many others.  It is apparent that you are not concerned with facts and accuracy but are obsessed with your theory.  However, readers should be aware that the academic world doesn't agree with your rendition of events.   Any reader can verify for themselves in only a few minutes of research that your statements about the Amarna Age, etc arefalse.

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