[b-hebrew] Takhrir and Shikhrur

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 21 17:57:13 EST 2011

    The Arabic Tahrir exact equivavlent in Hebrew 
is Herut, or Shihrur.
    The root XRR (Chet Resh Resh) has another meaning:
 Heat, both in BH and in Arabic.
     The picturesque biblical expression  'xarah appo'
 means literay 'his nose became hot', that is,
 'he became furious'.

     The root has also other meaning(s) in Arabic.

     Uri Hurwitz                        Great Neck NY


Greetings fellow Tanakh aficionados:

During the Arab upheaval in Cairo's Tahrir Square, reportage always
translated 'Tahrir' as 'Liberation'.
Now Tahrir does resemble the Hebrew 'shikhrur' which also means
liberation.  I suspect the two are indeed linguistically related.

Are they? Please advise.  If indeed 'T'  would be substituting for
'Sh', are there other examples of this particular substitution in the
Mikra? I do know there are other letters that substitute for each


Uzi Silber


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