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Hi Jim

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> 1)  How old do people on the b-hebrew list think the Song of Deborah is?
I think it is from the time of the judges (when Deborah actually
lived), but not so sure when it was first written down or the final
revision done on it. These are 3 different questions, actually.

> 2)  In determining the date of composition of the Song of Deborah, how much weight, if any, should be given to the proper
> names in the received text?
> Were post-exilic Jews capable of effortlessly coming up with a non-Semitic personal name like Shamgar that is redolent
> of the Late Bronze Age?
My first reaction was that Shamgar is as Semitic as you can get. But
yes, it might be uncommon in later periods and common in the Late
Bronze Age.
I would still not give much weight to proper names in determining the
age of any text, but it can be an additional piece of evidence if
there are other facts that point to a certain date.

Chavoux Luyt

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