[b-hebrew] Range of OT TC Methodologies?

Pere Porta pporta7 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 01:57:38 EDT 2011

My dear friend Philip,

you face here a problem I myself faced sometimes: you put a question to the
list and... nobody gives an answer to it.
I'm quite aware of the annoyance this silence causes in you.
I often thought which can be the reasons for this lack of answering.
And I found this:

1. Maybe no listmember is interested in the issue in itself.
2. Maybe most members are away, on their holidays.
3. Maybe none knows the good answer to your question.
4. Moderators cannot, haven't the power to force members to give an answer.

Remark also that no rule of the List forces the individual members to give
an answer to a given question.

I myself feel that this list is centered on the Hebrew Bible and this is, to
my sense, the most important value and significance of this b-hebrew forum.
But at the same time, issues that move around the Hebrew Bible  -and LXX is
one of them-  are valueless for most of the members of the list.
Regarding the LXX, I think that some members  -not all, because not all know
Greek-  only refer to it for the sake of comparison, illustration and so on
of a given Hebrew word or sentence. But in a general way the members of this
list don't care of the LXX: they consider it as a subproduct of minor
value from the Hebrew text.

Now, to finish, I acknowledge and admit that Moderators should  -generally
speaking-  give an anwer similar to this of mine when a member  --mainly if
he is a new one on the List-  asks why nobody gave an answer to his

Remark that b-hebrew is a forum of human beings, Philip, not one of
computers. And remember that this is a quite free forum  -nobody is obliged
to put a question, nobody is obliged to give a replay to a given question-
with no dictatorial authority to force people to answer.

I'll be glad if only this is or becomes of some comfort for you.

As regards me, I do not feel myself ready to give an answer to your question
since I never undertook the task of doing some comparative studies about or
between  the Hebrew Bible and the LXX.  I know Hebrew and I know Greek, yes;
but I never sat down to do such a study.

 This is what I think Philip. Quite honestly.

(As I'm a Spaniard and English is not my mother tongue, please excuse me if
some words in this mail are not fully appropriate)

Very hearty,

Pere Porta
(Barcelona, Catalonia, Northeastern Spain)

2011/7/10 Philip <philipengmann at yahoo.com>

> Dear Listees,
> I don't seem to have received any responses at all to my query below?
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> From: Philip <philipengmann at yahoo.com>
> To: Biblical Hebrew list <b-hebrew at lists.ibiblio.org>
> Sent: Fri, July 1, 2011 1:06:36 AM
> Subject: Range of OT TC Methodologies?
> Dear Listees,
> I am trying to do a PhD Thesis in OT (Old Testament) TC (Textual
> Criticism),
> specifically on the differences between selected texts of the LXX & MT.
> Ideally, I would like to have a range of methodologies, select one, and
> then
> justify the selection of the methodology I have chosen.
> Unfortunately, it appears to me that there are not many types of OT TC,
> since
> the basic concept is to collate the LXX/MT differences and then to evaluate
> them
> using the 'canons' of OT TC as a guideline and the theory of Paul de
> Lagarde as
> a part of the theoretical framework.
> I really would value your thoughts on the matter please.
> Many thanks,
> Philip Engmann,
> PhD cand.
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Pere Porta

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