[b-hebrew] Isaiah 50:4

Cherney,Kenneth cherneyk at wls.wels.net
Fri Feb 25 14:57:04 EST 2011

When LXX (en kairwi) construes it as related to 't, "time,” in my opinion the translator was guessing.  I agree that it is a (maybe dialectical) variant of  ‘ws,  “to come and help.”  The t/s interchange is common(both are alveolars), and the meaning appears again in MHeb and fits the Isaiah context well.  I’ll stipulate, however, that Joel 4:11 isn’t strong support.  

Personally I find a derivation from “to answer” less convincing, since it seems to require a sort of combination of consonant confusion and haplography, and it's less clear why the "weary" would need "answering" rather than "helping."

Ken Cherney

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