[b-hebrew] DSS, SP, etc, fpr Deuteronomy 32:43?

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On 29 Apr 2011 at 2:42, Philip wrote:

> Shalom and good wishes to you all.
> There are a few differences between LXX & MT Deuteronomy
> 32:43.
> 4 phrases are present in LXX Dt 32:43 which are absent from
> MT Dt 32:43.
> Please does anyone know how other ancient witnesses/manuscripts
> read for Dt 32:43, i.e. the 
> i.           
> DSS-Dead Sea Scrolls,


As far as I can tell, this verse is only preserved in one fragment, 4QDeut(q)/4Q44, originally 
published by P. W. Skehan in BASOR 136 (December 1954) p. 12-15.  In the course of 
several moves, my copy seems to have vanished, so I can't comment on the actual text, but 
that gives you something to track down.  It's probably also been published in the 
Discoveries in the Judaean Desert series by now, so you should be able to find it in there by 
its 4Q designation.  

Hope this helps,

Dave Washburn


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