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Sidney Williams, the very first Bible translator, the very first Hebrew

4. Re: dagesh, germination, Hannah (Will Parsons).

NOTE: None of these words are in Hebrew scripture.

"And loving (BHA) you (T) of 'He Is' (HWHY) "Gods f you" (KYHLA) in all of
heart of you and in all of soul of you and in all of greatness of you" -
Deuteronomy 6.5.

Why is it that I have not seen a single mention of "He Is," of "Gods," of

These are Scripture words.  But you never mention them.
Where is the praise of God?
"The lost years" and "Deuteronomy 32.43" were the only mention of the word
of God (and, "HMT" -- without a Scripture reference -- which will do no one
any good for the message of God is not contained in only three letter.

How will you save your children behaving like this?

Sidlee, HSD[CH] [TS]RAW MYSRH MYMS = new and earth new ones heavens.

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