[b-hebrew] Deuteronomy 32.43.

Sidney sidlee at charter.net
Sat Apr 30 12:56:38 EDT 2011

Sidney Williams in "God's Country" (Illinois), serving the Living God.

12. Deuteronomy 32.43 (Philip).

Greetings, Philip:

"The (H) rejoicing (NNR - #7442) of (Y)* them (W), people of Him, (WM') for
blood (MD) [of] servant (DB') of Him (WY) and (W) He (Y) will avenge of (
M[W]*Q[N]**Y) and (W) avenging (MQN) he (Y) will return (BYS = BWS - #7725 -
391 times) to (L) enemy (R[TS]) of (Y) Him (W), and atoning (RPK) earth (TRA
- #776 - 1,113 times) from (M) (Internal Preposition)* people (M') [of] Him
(W). - Deuteronomy 32.43.

Note *: (W) and (M) "of" and "from"are Internal Prepositions.
Note **: MQN = vengeance; #5359.

Sidlee's Rules: The prefix often "suppresses" the first letter of a noun.
We must remove and translate the prefix, and then go on a treasure hunt
through the lexicon looking for a word with the last letters printed, and
also, identifying the  "suppressed" first letter.  "Y" is the most common
suppressed first letter, followed by "ayin" (') and "A."  AND - sidlee's
Rule worked perfectly here.

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