[b-hebrew] Reply to 6. HMT (K. Randolph)

Sidney sidlee at charter.net
Fri Apr 29 18:23:42 EDT 2011

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6. Someone know HMT (K. Randolph).

You should post book and verse to receive better help.

Rules for Translating Hebrew - sidlee

7. Words covered up by prefixes should be translated with prefixes removed.

"T" is Person Identifier of a verb, either "she" or "you."

HM = nothing.

Strong's #5980 (HM') = "against" - 15 times.

Would read: "You" or "she" against following word.

HDWHY = He The [One] Praising.

Note: Internal "Yod" (Y) is consistently rendered "Waw" (W).

HDW = HDY - #3034 = "praise" - 47 times.

The answer to prayer is a Miracle of God.

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