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5. Lost Years of Hebrew Bible (Jim Steinhart)

Hello, Jim:

I have an exhaustive Chronology of the entire Bible from, "The Beginning of
Time, 4,139 BC to "Revival 2015" (Rev 20.10).  Every century had prophecies
fulfilled.  God said (in the Jewish prophets, "In that day you will know
[that I am alive]".)

However, the beginning and ending years of the Bible are recorded but not
dated.  This would be the physical creation, and the Garden of Eden, and the
Fall of man and woman (Genesis 1-4).  And, possibly the resurrection of New
Jerusalem, pictured in Revelation 20.11-15 and Revelation 21.7-8, and
Genesis 8.23, may be about 100 years after "Revival 2015," but this time
(like the beginning) is undated.
This was speculated from the fact that, "The Thousand Reign" (Millennium - I
am a member) was publicly visible for 100 years (AD 1859-1959) before they
were "deceived by Satan and Gog and Magog (Ecumenical Movement); and so,
possibly our renewed public visibility will last 100 years also, to about AD
Genesis put it this way:
"Ever all of days of the earth, seedtime and harvest and cold and heat and
summer and winter and day and night -- WTBSY AL - not (AL) remaining (BWY)
you (T = mankind) [in] them (W) - Genesis 8.22.

Every "letter" must be accounted for.
What this means is that no human beings will live to see the end of the
"You (mankind) will not remain [in] them" (summer and winter).

Revelation tells the same story (Revelation 20.11):
"And I saw a great white throne ["Judgment" will be outside of Third Heaven
to keep the eternal abode of God from being contaminated] and Him who sat on
him, from where the Earth (Kingdom) and the Heaven (Government of Kingdom)
fled away [to the Judgment throne].  And a place was not found for them." 

"Sons of God" await the resurrection in Paradise.  The "lost" are in
torments" (Luke 16.23).
Again, as in Genesis 8.22, there is no picture of the destruction of the
However, our world council on "Climate Change" predicted 50 percent of
agricultural land will be eroded by AD 2050.  So time is getting short.

The 1335 Days till the Jewish Resurrection was recorded by Daniel in these
1260 Days - begin in Judges 10.6 - and 'He [is] Prince [of] God (LARSY)'
(mislabeled "Israel") walked with Him (God) no more.
1260 Days: 1258 BC - AD 2.  [Multiplier = "360" - Day = Year.]
1290 Days: 1258 BC - AD 32.  [Power of 'He [is] Prince [of] God' brought to
an end, after after a very brief period of independence.'
1335 Days: 1258 BC - AD 77 - I come quickly (6 times), You will have
tribulation 10 Days (AD 67 - 77).  "He [John] will remain till I come" -
John 21.22.

2300 Days (literal): from 167 BC (Antiochus Epiphanes defiled the temple;
temple cleansed - by God in 2300 Days.  [Multiplier of "38."]

Daniel 11.34-45 pictured Epiphanes, 167-167 BC - confirmed by secular
history, II. Maccabees 5.1ff.
Seven Kings and Eight Lower Princes (Micah 5.5) is about continuous rule
from 539 BC to AD 
70 Weeks was from 458 BC to AD 32 (Dan 9.24-27).
"The Light of the Moon (Iesous = High Priest; Heb. 8.1) will be as the Light
of the Sun (Iesous = King of kings; 1 Tim. 6.15), and the Light of the Sun
sevenfold . - Isaiah 30.26.
Light of Solomon = 1600 Furlongs (Rev. 14.20).
Light of Iesous = 12,000 Furlongs (Rev 21.16).
Sevenfold = "7.5."
Street of Gold from Egypt to Assyria (in AD 77) - Isaiah 19.23.

What years do you consider "lost"?
MLSWRY = He [is] Prince* [of] Peace - Isaiah 40.2.

Rules for translating Hebrew - sidlee

9. Separate compound words, and define them separately; and then together.

Almost all compound words suffer the loss of some "letter."  The reader must
adjust to partially spelled words.

MLSWRY = He (Y) [is] Prince R[s] of (W) Peace (MLS).
The prefix "Y" knocked the "S" off of "Prince" (RS).

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