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1.	All texts from Either LXX or MT (Will Parson).
Will; I will share with you my opinion shared by a famous writer, and many

"Neither Esther nor the Song of Songs contains [any of] the names of God[s]
- unless his name be concealed in Cant 8.6, where 'a most vehement flame'
[NKBAB = in (B) DESTRUCTION (#12 - NDBA [of] you (K)] might be literally 'a
flame of Yah'**.  Both works might appear to be non-religious in character
." - The Canon of Scripture, 1988, F.F. Bruce.

Note **:  My authority on the fictitious words, "Yah" and "Yahweh" and
"Yahsua" is the esteemed editor, Aaron Dotan, who wrote that the Masoretes
began to "invent" the "vowel-points" in about AD 750, and continued until
the job was finished in about AD 950.  
So then, the Hebrew Bible was confirmed at the Council of Yamina, in AD 95 -
and the phony vowels were not introduced until AD 750.
Besides this, Mr. Dotan recorded their aim was to make the Hebrew names
"pronouncible."  Therefore, they added fake vowels to produce fake words to
pronounce, and in the process they lost the meaning of the words.
Axiom: Touch not what God has invented.
They changed "man" (MDA) to "Adam" (Ad[a]M).
They changed, "Mourning" (LBA) to Ab[e]L.
And, "The Mourning" (LBH)* to "vanity."

Rules for Translating Hebrew - sidlee

7. Words covered up by prefixes should be translated with prefixes removed.

Frequently, the prefix "suppresses" (meaning, unwritten) the first letter of
a noun.  In our example above, we remove H producing LB - which is nothing.

Then we begin a treasure hunt in the lexicon to find the word with the
missing first letter.
"Yod" (Y) is most frequently suppressed.
"Ayin" (') is the second most suppressed first letter, and our search found
#60 - LBA = mourning - 68 times.  So then, A was the suppressed first

Another example is: KTL = to (L) [N]T[N] you (K).
Here both the prefix and the suffix suppress one letter of a three letter
word.  So, two-thirds of the word was, "unwritten."
What do you think of men who boast that they can "read the manuscript in

The Miracle of AD 2006, was God revealing to me, and to 4 men on the
Internet the proper translation of the Tetragrammon, "HWHY."  Since that
year, many more on the Internet have been promoting, "The Hebrew Name of
The prefix, "Y" was translated, "He" literally tens of thousands of times.
The most common phrase in the entire Bible is: RMAYW - "And, He said" -
Genesis 1.6.  "Y" = "He."

HWH is a participle, "being" and the real name of the fictitious, "Eve"
["Life" in LXX.]
When a participle is prefixed by a Person Indicator, then it loses its
"-ing" spelling.

It is far-fetched to teach that the king gave the Jews permission to
"murder" the sons of the capturing nation.   We know from history that
rebellious slaves are exterminated during serious rebellion.  Even, Saddam
Hussein was reported to have "gassed" and killed thousands of invading
Shittes during President Bush's push for an invading war.

Song of Songs is gross pornography, obsessed with describing the naked
female body.  God depicted His love affair with Israel in Ezekiel16.1-14 -
without pornographic terms.

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