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Fri Apr 29 11:40:50 EDT 2011

>What I mean by that is that your arguments based on first year
> Hebrew ...

That is not an accurate statement, is it? But it seems that I
remember a certain Karl arguing to 'conjugate' roots into binyanim just
like often seen with first-year students and apparently unable to grasp
or grapple with a hif`il albin "I will be white" (not Pere's *ulban or
your LALA poetry.)

> Hey, I’m not going to sling mud in this message.

Just in your other messages? We're relieved.

However, if you bother to post,
please include something of Hebrew and not just personal caricature.
If you have data or examples, please return to my recent posts .
Otherwise, there is nothing to discuss and no need for
substance-less posts.

asher was not needed at Ps 51.10
hmtm shows a verb-stem without a final vowel hmt- and
a suffix -tm without a prefixed vowel.
albin is a good hif`il for "I will be/become white".

These are probably good places for first-year students to expand
their biblical Hebrew.

berakot (not berakawote in BH. The fem. pl. 'w' was not consonantal
in BH!)

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