[b-hebrew] What MASORAH did the MASORATES follow?

Randall Buth randallbuth at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 05:25:46 EDT 2011

> In Genesis 32:11 we find KATON-TIY, in Gen 43:14 we find $AKOL-TIY,

in Deut. 9:19 we find YAGOR-TIY, and in Jer. 50:24 we find YAQO$-TIY,
all with a dagesh in the T of the attached pronoun -ATIY = -ANIY,
implying, in my opinion, that the xolam is not original.

Isaac Fried, Boston University>

It would be a shame to mess up a nice theory by looking at wider
evidence, where it is clear that simple verbs (aka Qal, no consonantal
expansion) existed in three flavors
corresponding to the three cardinal vowels:
*qatal, *qatil, *qatul (aka in Hebrew: qatal, qatel, qatol).

So in answer to your question, the Masoretes followed a masorah whose
roots go all the way back to proto-Semitic and that can be traced
in cognate languages, too. Pretty impressive.

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