[b-hebrew] The fate of the xirik

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Actually nothing new there. Changes in pronunciation occur in any language,
spoken or unspoken (such as Latin, or Hebrew for centuries). That's how
dialects and eventually new languages develop. Hebrew has gone through many
stages over the ages. That's why there are differences between different
biblical books, even bigger differences between the Bible and the Mishnah,
between orthography of the MT vs. the DDS and so on. I can think of several
dialects or even sub-dialects of English, on all continents, that do not
pronounce H, others don't pronounce Y. The only thing that's lamentable is
many modern Hebrew speakers' non-familiarity with the classical texts of the
language, starting of course with the Bible, but including many others as
well. But the reasons for this go way beyond language.

Yigal Levin

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is an interesting article on the lingual antics of the common Hebrew  
speaker, including a lamentation on the eclipse of the xirik, and the  
decline of the H.

Isaac Fried, Boston University
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