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At the risk of sounding like a bookseller...

There is a series that Eisenbrauns does, Linguistic Studies in Ancient West Semitic, that has had 3 new releases in the last year:
Phonology and Morphology of Biblical Hebrew: An Introduction
by Joshua Blau
Linguistic Studies in Ancient West Semitic - LSAWS 2
Eisenbrauns, 2010  

Word Order in the Biblical Hebrew Finite Clause
by Adina Moshavi
Linguistic Studies in Ancient West Semitic - LSAWS 4
Eisenbrauns, 2010 

Oath Formulas in Biblical Hebrew
by Blane Conklin
Linguistic Studies in Ancient West Semitic - LSAWS 5
Eisenbrauns, 2011 

Other stuff:
Tatu, Silviu. The Qatal//Yiqtol (Yiqtol//Qatal) Verbal Sequence in Semitic Couplets: A Case Study in Systemic Functional Grammar with Applications on the Hebrew Psalter and Ugaritic Poetry. Gorgias Ugaritic Studies 3. Gorgias. 2008. xx + 562 pp. Cloth.

Sande, A. van de. Nouvelle perspective sur le système verbal de l’hébreu ancien: Les formes qatala, yaqtul et yaqtulu. Publications de l’Institut Orientaliste de Louvain 57. Peeters. 2008. 392 pp. Paper.

Avishur, Yitzhak. Comparative Studies in Biblical and Ugaritic Languages and Literatures. Archaeological Center. 2007. 238 pp. Cloth.

Blumfield, Fiona. Further Biblical Hebrew: Explanations and Exercises. Gorgias. 2009. Cloth.

Cohen, Maimon. The Kethib and the Qeri System in the Biblical Text: A Linguistic Analysis of the Various Traditions Based on the Manuscript “Keter Aram Tsova”. Magnes. 2007. 406 pp. Cloth.

Fassberg, Steven E. and Avi Hurvitz (eds.). Biblical Hebrew in Its Northwest Semitic Setting: Typological and Historical Perspectives. Eisenbrauns. 2006. 324 pp. Cloth.

Heller, Roy. Narrative Structure and Discourse Constellations: An Analysis of Clause Function in Biblical He- brew Prose. HSS 55. HSM. 2004. xi + 412 pp. Cloth.

Korchin, Paul. Markedness in Canaanite and Hebrew Verbs. HSS 58. HSM / Eisenbrauns. 2008. xv + 368 pp. Cloth. <--this was just reviewed in RBL (www.bookreviews.org/pdf/6874_7446.pdf)

Lugt, Pieter, van der. Cantos and Strophes in Biblical Hebrew Poetry II: Psalms 42–89. OS 57. Brill. 2010. xiv + 566 pp. Cloth.

Young, Ian, Robert Rezetko, and Martin Ehrensvaerd.
Linguistic Dating of Biblical Texts: An Introduction to Approaches and Problems. Bible World. Equinox. 2009. 762 pp. Cloth.

Reframing Biblical Studies: When Language and Text Meet Culture, Cognition, and Context
by Ellen J. Van Wolde
Eisenbrauns, 2009 

The Function of the Tautological Infinitive in Classical Biblical Hebrew
by Yoo-Ki Kim
Harvard Semitic Studies - HSS 60
Harvard Semitic Museum / Eisenbrauns, 2009 

A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew
by Paul Jouon and Takamitsu Muraoka
Second Reprint of the Second Edition, with Corrections
Subsidia Biblica - SB 27
Pontifical Biblical Institute, 2009 

I'm sure others can add more, but that's a start. I didn't include any first year grammars, of which there are many new ones...

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Hello friends,

I've been out of touch for quite some time on the subject of recent advances/publications 
about b-hebrew grammar and syntax.  The reasons don't matter now, and would be 
incredibly boring.  In any event, I'm looking to get caught up, so I'm asking for any 
bibliographic info on studies, analyses, theories, you name it, especially with, say, the past 
five years or thereabouts.  On-list or off-list is fine, and I really appreciate any help I can get!


Dave Washburn


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