[b-hebrew] Noun in -WT

Pere Porta pporta7 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 06:03:51 EDT 2011

Dear b-hebrew listers,

I would like to propose a debate on nouns in -WT in the Bible. And so, DMWT,
image (Is 40:18) and similar.
I think there are three kinds of such nouns:

1. Those that derive from bases lamed-heh (or lamed-yod if you prefer):
DMWT, image; GLWT, exile (Is 20:4)... These substitute the heh of the base
by -WT
2. Those that are produced by inserting a W between the last two root
consonants, the last of which is T. And so, SHERWT, service, built on the
basic SHERET, to serve (Dt 18:7)
3. Those that simply add -WT to the three consonants of the base: SKLWT,
stupidity (Ec 10:13), of the basic SEKEL, stupidity (Ec 10:6); MLKWT,
royalty (1Ch 29:25), of the basic MELEK, king.

Now, nouns in 1. are distributed in two types:
--those that take shewa in their first root consonant: D:MWT
--those that take qamats in their first root consonant: GFLWT

Am I right?
Are there some other kinds of nouns in -WT?


Pere Porta
(Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)

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