[b-hebrew] Someone knows?

Randall Buth randallbuth at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 04:21:59 EDT 2011

Karl wants to avoid accepting hmtm as meaning
'you-guys put to death'. No reason given, but claiming that to do so
would require changing the text, with no reason given for this latter
claim either.

Pere, very politely, suggested:
>With all this, maybe you should review again the stuff.

That is good advice, but it should already have shortened this

With less subtlety I would ask to hear the following:
Ex 1.16 w-hmtn wa-hamitten sung to the tune of
'you-girls will put [him] to death'.

It would appear that the discussion about other words
for hmtm, possible to be sure, are simply a distraction
from admitting an incorrect earlier comment:
Karl: "However, to maintain that reading, I would have to
assume that here we are dealing with a copyist error, as the
form of the word does not fit that meaning."

The comment is not true, of course.
There is no problem with the text and form of the MT at
either Nu 17.6 or Ex 1.16.
So let's move on as soon as we finish the chorus.
... eHad ani yodea.

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