[b-hebrew] Why not ")ULBAN"?

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Wed Apr 20 03:56:30 EDT 2011

>* This was poetry, meant to be sung. *This looks like the addition
> of a sound* to make the word tempo
> fit the music. *But that works only if you accept that

>* Biblical Hebrew was a CV language.

1. Karl, how does that reply say anything about the semantics
of what exists in the text of Pere's question? The reply would
appear to be off-topic and irrelevant. It doesn't discuss the
semantics of albiyn, or yalbinu, or the analogy of hismiq.

2. Pity, for the millions of people who do not accept that
BHebrew was a CV language. Maybe someone who said that
hmtm had to be an error if intended to be 'you put to death'
could elucidate that for the rest of the world. *This would
especially be nice where verbs with roots that end in 't' add
a 1-2 person suffix, but don't write a second 't' even though
there would be have to be a CV syllable between them in Hebrew
sung to the tune of LaLaTa-Tem. That is a hoot.
We could sing
Ex 1.16 w-hmtn wa-hamitten to the tune of
'you-girls will put him to death'.
Or Gen 19.19,
Ex 5.5 ve-hishbat-tem
23.31 ve-shat-ti
34.27 karat-ti
Lv 17.10 ve-hikrat-ti
plus another 120 examples

Funny, the MT does record hundreds of double 't's elsewhere.
But the MT doesn't understand true make-believe language.

So let's sing a song about lucidity.

Randall Buth

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