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Tue Apr 19 11:56:35 EDT 2011

Thanks, Randall.

But my original question on this thread was: in the unpointed Israeli script
is a yud to be inserted between M and T?

I see that yes.


Pere Porta

2011/4/19 Randall Buth <randallbuth at gmail.com>

> Karl egrapse
> >However, to maintain that reading, I would have to assume that here we are
> dealing with a copyist error, as the form of the word does not fit that
> meaning.>
> Excuse me, but there is no copyist error here.
> As explained previously,
> short vowels are not normally written with helping consonants in the 1st
> Temple.
> Joining hemiyt 'he put to death' with the subject suffix -tem closed the
> unaccented,
> penultimate syllable, resulting in a short vowel.
> The correct and expected orthography was none other than
> המתם   hmtm
> hamittem, with accent on final syllable.
> Pere should have commented on the fact that this answered his original
> question. Perhaps it was missed in the list of responses.
> braxot
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