[b-hebrew] DIBBER & ELALESEN in Dt 1:1

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Tue Apr 19 04:31:23 EDT 2011

Dear Philip,

no, you aren't.
The Greek verb "laléo" is, so to say, emfatic if compared with the basic
"légo" (éipen in the past)

So, "laléo" = speak, tell, talk, chat (emfatic)... while "légo" = say
(simple, unenfatic)

That's why LXX has "elálesen" -- to reflect "diber" and not "éipen" -- to
reflect "amar".


Pere Porta
(Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)
2011/4/19 Philip <philipengmann at yahoo.com>

> Dear Listees,
> 1. I am looking for differences betwen the LXX & MT.
> 2. One such difference I seem to see is the word, "DIBBER" in Deuteronomy
> 1.1
> 3. I tentatively parse the hebrew word, "DIBBER" as piel (emphatic).
> However I see no corresponding emphasis in the corresponding Greek word,
> "ELALESEN", which I parse as an Aorist, Active, Indicative verb.
> 4. Am I correct?
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Pere Porta

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