[b-hebrew] "Oak Tree" in Biblical Hebrew

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George Athas:

I would appreciate your opinion, and anyone else's opinion, on the relationship between )L and )YL.  They both seem to connote "mighty".  Does one derive from the other?  Or are they two different spellings of the same word?  Or are they two completely different words?  Different lexicons offer different opinions as to those questions.  Why are there so many cases, like the word for "rams" in the plural, where the root seemingly can be either )L or )YL?  Presumably )L-N and )L-WN are the same word, with the latter simply being plene spelling.  But what is the relationship, if any, between )L-N or )L-WN, and )YL-WN?

Jim Stinehart
Evanston, Illinois

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Jim, I don't see anything here that you're offering for discussion. You're just 
seudo-publishing a theory. Unless there's a specific issue for engaging, please 
on't treat B-Hebrew like your own journal space.

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