[b-hebrew] Asher in Ps 51:10?

Randall Buth randallbuth at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 03:30:32 EDT 2011

shalom Pere
> ask, please, ten (learned) people about this issue and put them down in
> two groups according the answer they gave:
> Group one: those who claim that DKYT is a verbal form of DK', crush,
> with the meaning "you crushed".
> Group two: those who claim that DKYT is an adjective.
> And then.... compare the results.
> Here is my prediction:
> You will get a result 1 in group one and a result 9 in group two.
> Kind regards
> Pere Porta

Three brief notes.

1. There is a typo. You meant to say 9 in group one (verb) and 1
in group two (adjective). (and I assume that your 'learned people'
refers to fluent Hebrew speakers/readers)

2. In order to read "dkyt" as an adjective one would hypothesize a
word dexuyot, but that word would normally be written dkwywt or
dkywt. You will note that long 'o' and 'u' and 'i' are regularly written
with w and y in Ps 51, including 'internal' vowel letters.

3. Actually, your numbers are off. The average would be more than
nine out of ten reading the verb, and less than one proposing an

There is no problem with reading dkyt as dakita in Ps 51.10,
so evreyone does. It is not missing letters but written exactly the
way it should be and it fits within normal paramteters of BH poetry.

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