[b-hebrew] eccles 10:2

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as in many languages, "right" and "left" are figurative for "good/bad",
"righteous/sinister" etc. also, the expression YAD YEMINO means
a close aide, someone the leader can trust. the term YAD YEMINO
really meant that the person favored by the leader appeared publicly 
to the right of the leader. it implies both YAD as direction and 
YAD as aide. 

in Eccles 10:2, i guess, the SMOL means "sinister"; but the phrase 
may also be read as follows: for the fool the heart is reduced to its physical
location (left) whereas for the wise it also serves as a trusted guide (right).

nir cohen

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Assunto: [b-hebrew] Ecles 10:2
Eccles 10:2 (NIV) The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart
of the fool to the left .

>>> Hi , could anyone give me a guide on this verse , the KJ had "A wise mans
heart is at his right hand, but a fools is at his left".

>>> Can you first give me the correct words here,  is the term "hand" in the
original Hebrew , and what do you think this means , is it polictical.

doug belot

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