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> Doug,
> The term 'hand' (יד) is not actually there in the Hebrew text. This is not 
> a political statement (they wouldn't have had the right-left political 
> spectrum we refer to today). Instead, it is a reference to the generic 
> ancient belief that the right hand side was proper and 'right' (we even 
> preserve this notion in our English term), while the left was improper, 
> weak, or sinister. This notion of the 'sinister' is still preserved in 
> some Latin-based languages like Italian, in which 'left' is 'la sinistra'.

Indeed, the Latin word for "left" is 'sinister' and carries precisely that 
range of meaning -- it can mean literally "left-handed" or "on the left 
side," or it can mean what we mean by "improper, weak, or sinister."

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