[b-hebrew] Daniel 12:10 and Jeremiah 22:7

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I think Jeremiah 22:7 might be hophal or hiphil. I was just writing what I thought was the usual opinion. If I say anything against the usual opinion, no one will answer me. I also just wanted to know if what I call the present tense hiphil always has the extra yud in it or if sometimes it is not used. I know that those words might not be hiphil at all, but I wouldn't ask a question like that because most people on B-Hebrew seem very strict about things like this. Would you prefer that I rock the boat and not get answer?
Kenneth Greifer

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In Dan. 12:10  the word "wise ones" is spelled hay mem sin kaf lamed yud mem, but I thought it is supposed to have another yud in it as a hiphil verb. Also in Jer. 22:7 "the destroyers" is spelled mem sin het tav yud mem without the extra yud that a hiphil verb would have.

What makes you think they are hiphils? From the spelling, they could be piels, puals or hophals, so what from the contexts makes you override the spellings to claim they are hiphils?

Kenneth Greifer

Karl W. Randolph. 


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