[b-hebrew] Dan. 12:10 and Jer. 22:7

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Mon Apr 4 16:19:10 EDT 2011

Hi Kenneth

> From: kenneth greifer <greifer at hotmail.com>
> I think I answered you by email, but not B-Hebrew too, so I am sending this one to B-Hebrew. I didn't know there was a short and long form of what I
> probably incorrectly call the present tense hiphil form with and without an extra yud. I just wanted to know if Dan 12:10 and Jer. 22:7 had mistakes or
> common forms of those verbs. I also wanted to know if there are other examples of this.
I just want to add that we should be careful to talk of "mistakes" in
biblical Hebrew. The idea of a "standard spelling" probably did not
even exist in Biblical times; it was rather a case of there being a
"usual" spelling. The same was probably true for BH grammar: it was
more of an expression of the actual spoken language (although possibly
more formal than everyday speech) than anything similar to a group of
modern language professors determining the official grammar andf
spelling of the language. Of course, some textual "correction"probably
happened during the later transmission of the texts, but never
completely got rid of variations in spelling and grammar.

Chavoux Luyt

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