[b-hebrew] Daniel 12:10 and Jeremiah 22:7

joel at exc.com joel at exc.com
Mon Apr 4 12:08:30 EDT 2011

>In Dan. 12:10 the word "wise ones" is spelled hay mem sin kaf lamed
>yud mem, but I thought it is supposed to have another yud in it as a

In general, the vocalic YUD was only used when deemed necessary, so,
yes, it's common to find it "omitted" from what we would consider
normal spelling.

There also seems to have been a mild aversion to using two vocalic
YUDs in the same word. MASKILIM has a YUD in the plural ending -IM,
making it less likely that we'd see a YUD in the middle of the word,
and similarly with MASHCHITIM.


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