[b-hebrew] Dan. 12:10 and Jer. 22:7

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If I understand you rightly, I would say:

--An example of short spelling: *yaktiru*, they will cause to surround (Ps

--Some examples of long spelling of the same pattern:
in Is 1:18 we find two examples. In Jb 35:9 there is another example.

Is this enough for you?

Pere Porta:

2011/4/4 Chavoux Luyt <chavoux at gmail.com>

> Hi Kenneth
> > From: kenneth greifer <greifer at hotmail.com>
> > I think I answered you by email, but not B-Hebrew too, so I am sending
> this one to B-Hebrew. I didn't know there was a short and long form of what
> I
> > probably incorrectly call the present tense hiphil form with and without
> an extra yud. I just wanted to know if Dan 12:10 and Jer. 22:7 had mistakes
> or
> > common forms of those verbs. I also wanted to know if there are other
> examples of this.
> I just want to add that we should be careful to talk of "mistakes" in
> biblical Hebrew. The idea of a "standard spelling" probably did not
> even exist in Biblical times; it was rather a case of there being a
> "usual" spelling. The same was probably true for BH grammar: it was
> more of an expression of the actual spoken language (although possibly
> more formal than everyday speech) than anything similar to a group of
> modern language professors determining the official grammar andf
> spelling of the language. Of course, some textual "correction"probably
> happened during the later transmission of the texts, but never
> completely got rid of variations in spelling and grammar.
> Regards
> Chavoux Luyt
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