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Hi Philip

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> I have been trying to find out the time difference between Moses's giving of the first law on Mt. Sinai (in Exodus) and his repeating of the law on Mt. Nebo? (in Deuteronomy) just before his death, but have so far been unsuccessful.
> Can anyone help me please?
According to Ex. 19, Moses received the Torah (at least the 10 words
of Ex.20) at Mt. Sinai in the 3rd month (of the first year) after
their departure from Egypt. (Traditionally this is seen to be on the
day of Shavuot / Pentecost, 50 days after Passover). (This law would
include most of Exodus from chapter 20 onward and all of Leviticus).
They left Sinai on the 20th of the second month in the next year (Num. 10:11)
After 38 years they were camped East of Moab and all the fighting men
of the first generation who had received the "first law" (except
Joshua and Caleb) were dead by then. (Deut.2:14) After this followed
the wars with the Canaanite kings East of the Jordan and with
According to Deut. 1: 3 Moses gave his speech (Deut. 1 - 29:1) in the
40th year in the 11th month after the exodus from Egypt.
>From Deut.29:2 there is a second speech, probably not long after the
first one, with the blessing and curses and then the (second) song of
Moses & his blessing of Israel (Deut.31:1 - 33).

All of this assumes obviously that you accept the Torah as
historically accurate in this respect.


Chavoux Luyt

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